20 years of experience in delivering enterprise

The company PRECIAG stands as a major player in the field of industrial lubrication. We offer the solutions you need for lubricants, oil and grease distribution equipment, absorbent for all liquids, secure storage of lubricants.

Our special lubricants and consumables are manufactured following the most stringent quality standards to ensure a constant high level. Our laboratories provide a continuous innovation to help our customers in their development and effectiveness.

We are heavily involved in the development of biodegradable lubricants and more specifically for the railway industry.

Present on the lubricants market with brands like PRECILUB, MOLYDUVAL, BETA, IGRALUB, MOBIL, SHELL, CICO and the distribution equipment with ASSALUB, EASYLUBE, PRESSOL, we offer a range of products and extensive technical specialist in following areas:

• Oils and greases for food industry
• biodegradable oils and greases
• Oil and grease for the rail industry
• synthetic oils and greases
• Assembly pastes
• Sprays
• Lubricants for metalworking


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